The Father's Day Surprise !!

Greetings and Brownies
Yesterday June 21, 2020 was a normal day for me until I got a pleasant surprise from my dear Boys and Anu. It was Father's Day and they have planned this well in advance.

I was quite ignorant of what is happening behind the scenes  eventhough, I got some hints that they are doing something. But I never realised that it was a surprise for me !!

Immediately after the morning mass, I was presented with some exquisite home made treats and greetings by my loved ones and it was one of the greatest surprises, I had in a long time.

There was a beautiful foldable greeting card with a lovely message, which was handcrafted by Chris along with Abel and they did this with utmost care that, it had a professional touch. The colours the design and every thing else was done with great care and love.

Then there was the Chocolate brownies with lots of cashew nuts and served along with Vanilla Ice cream. Both of these were made by my dear Anu !!

It was all well and made to perfection and I had the best Father's Day ever !!

Surprises didn't stopped here. There was Mushroom and baby corn fried rice along with Curry leaves flavoured prawns for lunch. 

It was a wonderful day and Thank you dears for all you have done for me !!

Close - up view of the greeting card done by the Boys with the message visible after unfolding.  

Thank you for creating a very special day !!


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