The Honda Badge !!

I have always been a big fan of Honda Vehicles, especially the sedan segment. Honda City is a class of its own and there is a story behind my love for Honda City.

Long back in the beginning of 2000, I was working as a marketing executive for Mitsubishi Cars in the Lancer Division and Honda City was the main competitor in the market. Both of these machines were beautiful and had an aesthetic feel. It was a period in which I was struggling in my career and I dreamt of buying either of these cars sometime in future. It was the first generation Honda City on sale at that period. Mitsubishi stopped Lancer sales in India during 2012 and from then on it was Honda City in my focus.

Honda City was still a dream car for me as the price tag was above my budget for a long time. During this period I had owned and sold a couple of hatchbacks from Suzuki and Ford. My dream came true in November 2018, when I went ahead and brought the Honda City 4th Generation full option petrol model with CVT. It was dream come true and a proud moment in my life.

Its been a pleasure to drive the City ever since and the Honda badge has been remarkable.


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