Work from Home the new normal !!

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The Corona virus spread and the subsequent lockdown almost everywhere in the world has been the driving force behind the massive digital transformation across major industries, governments and everything around us.

Never before in my memory have so many people been confined to their homes, and never have we been forced to find overnight solutions for maintaining work or learn ‘normality’. While working from home may now be the ‘new normal’, the speed at which individuals and businesses have had to adapt to this change has left them grappling. Not only do they have to find ways of making sure business continues with the least disruption, but they also need to do it in a safe and secure manner.

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Work from Home is working quite well for most of the IT companies as they were the first to embrace this without much hassles. There were hiccups initially and once there was a system in place it is working quite effectively for most of the firms including ours. This brings up the question of productivity and I can say that WFH has raised the productivity by 15 to 20 per cent at least. Most of the companies will make this a new norm now due to the several benefits it could provide in the longer period.

The main advantages being saving of office commutation hours, saving on office rent and its maintenance and more importantly the flexibility it gives when you want to work or do something outside your work like looking after your kids, walking your dog or doing a career building course and many others.

But it has its own challenges as well. Difficulty in collaboration, Connectivity issues at homes, Security and Data protection are all some of them. Companies must think of ways to address these aspects to be able to adapt efficiently.

Major Indian IT giants like TCS, Tech Mahindra are all planning to go ahead with this new norm even after the Covid period. This change could also mean other companies adopting remote working more aggressively in the future. So this new norm is going to continue and people will have to adapt to this new way of working !!

We will see a new way of working and collaborating going forward !!


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